About Us

Hudsoncrest Properties Inc. provides premier management services in the New York metropolitan area.  Originally based in our home market of Riverdale, New York, our portfolio has expanded to include leading properties not only in Riverdale and the Bronx, but throughout Manhattan and Westchester County.  We are a service industry leader, defining success as the full satisfaction to our clients.  We hire only seasoned professionals, dedicated to that principle.  Property managers and support staff alike take ownership of their areas of responsibility.  This dedication to service makes our firm stand out amongst the others.


Hudsoncrest represents personalized, high quality, full-service real estate management at the most competitive price-points.  We understand that the crafting of a close relationship between Management, the Owner and the building staff is integral to the effective operation of a property.  We aim to seamlessly create and maintain a quality of life that residents expect in our managed properties knowing that one of the most important qualities of a Property Manager is open communication and constant interaction with clients and staff.

We value long term relationships not only with our client properties, but also with our staff.  We hire only experienced agents, and are committed to their continued education.  Our Executive Team works closely with each of the building Property Managers offering an unmatched depth and breadth of experience to the Clients represented in our portfolio.   This makes the Hudsoncrest “brand” the formula for expert management support systems.

With ever changing property laws and compliance requirements, advancements in supplies and construction methods and continual changes in financial and governmental reporting policies, you need to have the support of a team of professionals that not only stays current with changes but is also at the forefront on actually making positive changes occur.  It is our proactive approach that keeps us at the forefront, staying ahead of advancements that create benefits for our clients who have chosen us to protect their property, home and investment.

This is the philosophy that has brought us much of recognition in the property management industry and allowed us to maintain our client property relationships for decades.  We strive for management perfection for our business to continue for years to come- a standard that can only be measured through the satisfaction of each of our current clients.


We offer a pragmatic, hands on approach to building management that includes daily involvement by the firm’s principals where required.  Features standard to all management agreements include:

  • Thorough analysis of property features and needs
  • Analysis of payroll budgets to ensure safe and efficient administration of the property.
  • Evaluation of and guidance for building staff performance- including staff training and the implementation of preventative maintenance programs
  • A proactive evaluation of the property’s operation to limit exposure to onerous compliance mandates
  • Routine site visits and comprehensive monthly inspections
  • Open door consultation whenever required at our Riverdale office
  • An extensive referral listing of licensed, experienced consultants, contractors and suppliers.  Inclusion to our referral list is based on consistent reliability and top quality job performance in addition to competitive labor rates.
  • Spreadsheet bid analysis for major repairs and property upgrades
  • Designated staff within the accounting department; open door consultation with the Corporate Controller
  • Automated financial reporting system
  • Preparation of monthly financial reporting package, annual operating budget and capital  requirement budgets
  • Thorough  interval reviews of income and expenses, , energy saving initiates and government compliance measures
  • Annual filing of tax reduction proceedings
  • Placement of Reserve accounts with highest available yields and appropriate insurance protections when requested by Owner
  • Specially designed insurance with saving packages through A+ insurance carriers
  • 24-hour live emergency service
  • Sales and Leasing expertise
  • Insurance
  • Worker’s Compensation discounts and dividend
  • Project Management
  • Mortgage refinancing
  • Discounted Rates on utilities, oil and natural gas
  • Credit Card payments option for rent-maintenance and various applications
  • Concierge program



Arthur Meltser has been managing residential properties since 1989.  He has extensive experience managing a wide range of residential properties including Co-ops and Condominiums.  His expertise in the areas of budgeting and financial analysis, mortgage refinancing, building system analysis, risk management, numerous capital improvement plans and project management, negotiating and strategic planning make Arthur an asset to any client in the industry.

In 1985, Arthur began his career in Hotel Management at the Warwick Hotel in New York City before he was recruited by Richard Goodman to work in Real Estate Management in 1989.  Arthur started working at Goodman Management Co., Inc. when there were less than 10 properties and only 3 employees.  Since then, he has developed a back office system, staffed and departmentalized responsibilities of the 17 current employees, helped to create and expand Goodman Management, which has become known for its exemplary customer service.

While working at Goodman Management, Arthur received a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Management Science from Baruch College in 1990.

Arthur served on an executive committee of the Local Community Board 8 as chair of the Youth Committee; where he was recognized and cited by NYC Council for Exemplary Service to the community as well as by the Bronx Borough President and for his unparallel commitment to the community.

As an active Board Member of the Bronx Realty Advisory Board, Arthur participates in many successful Local 32BJ Union contract negotiations on behalf of several hundred properties.  Arthur also serves as a Board Member of the Bronx Board of Governors.

Arthur is a New York State Licensed Real Estate and Insurance Broker with complete training in Real Estate Appraisals.  He is a Certified Property Manager (CPM ®), a Realtor, and a member of the Bronx-Manhattan North Association of Realtors, New York State and National Association of Realtors.  Additionally he is a member of the Institute of Real Estate Management where he received a CPM® Humanitarian of the Year Award, along with the Management Achievement Award in Certificate of Excellence from Habitat Magazine.

Arthur Meltser: An American Tale